B No 3 / 2013

Contexts of identity development: role of emotional, social and educational factors

  1. Anna Izabela Brzezińska:
    Editorial. Becoming an adult – contexts of identity development
  2. Tomasz Czub :
    Shame as a self-conscious emotion and its role in identity formation
  3. Anna Izabela Brzezińska, Konrad Piotrowski :
    Identity and markers of adulthood: the relationship between two constructs
  4. Konrad Piotrowski :
    Identity in adolescence and emerging adulthood: relationships with emotional and educational factors
  5. Małgorzata Rękosiewicz :
    Type of social participation and identity formation in adolescence and emerging adulthood
  6. Paweł Jankowski :
    Identity status and emotion regulation in adolescence and early adulthood
  7. Educational Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland, Konrad, Radosław Kaczan, Małgorzata Rękosiewicz :
    Off-time higher education as a risk factor in identity formation
  8. Radosław Kaczan, Anna Izabella Brzezińska, Julita Wojciechowska :
    Social participation, identity style and identity dimensions in late adolescence among students of three types of vocational schools
  9. Paweł Jankowski, Małgorzata Rękosiewicz :
    Type of social participation and emotion regulation among upper secondary school students
  10. Alhadi Chafi, Stephane Rusinek, Loris Schiaratura, Sebastien Delescluse, Thibaut Brouillet :
    Perceiving a negatively connoted stimulus imply enhanced performances: the case of a moving object
  11. Daisuke Nakamura :
    Methodological considerations in studying awareness during learning. Part 2: Second Language Acquisition
  12. Barbara Dolinska :
    The algebra of fatherhood
  13. Marcin Kolemba, Józef Maciuszek :
    Perception of risk and risk-taking among the lucky and the luckless