B No 2 / 2013
  1. Aneta Przepiórka, Agata Błachnio :
    A Closer Look at Emotions
  2. Andrew M. Lane :
    If I want to perform better, then how should I feel?
  3. Kamil K. Imbir, Maria T. Jarymowicz :
    The Effect of Automatic vs. Reflective Emotions on Cognitive Control in Antisaccade Tasks and the Emotional Stroop Test
  4. Ana Nanette Tibubos, Kerstin Schnell, Sonja Rohrmann :
    Anger Makes You Feel Stronger: The Positive Influence of Trait Anger in a Real-Life Experiment
  5. Christopher J. Mruk:
    Defining Self-Esteem as a Relationship between Competence and Worthiness: How a Two-Factor Approach Integrates the Cognitive and Affective Dimensions of Self-Esteem
  6. Sylwiusz Retowski, Aleksandra Fila–Jankowska :
    Emotional Labour and Indirectly Measured Attitude Towards Occupation in Explaining Employee Well-Being
  7. William Pavot :
    The Validity and Utility of Global Measures of Subjective Well-Being
  8. Agata Błachnio, Aneta Przepiórka, Mark Sullman, Joanne Taylor :
    Polish Adaptation of the Driving and Riding Avoidance Scale
  9. Kerstin Schnell, Ana Nanette Tibubos, Sonja Rohrmann, Volker Hodapp :
    Test and Math Anxiety: A Validation of the German Test Anxiety Questionnaire
  10. Dorota Szczygieł, Róża Bazińska :
    Emotional intelligence as a moderator in the relationship between negative emotions and emotional exhaustion among employees in service sector occupations
  11. Maria Finogenow :
    Personality Traits and Subjective Health in Retirement Age – The Role of Personal Resources
  12. Aleksandra Fila-Jankowska, Urszula Stachowiak :
    Anxiety and self-esteem before surgery in patients suffering from cancer. Implicit self-esteem compensation in ego-threatening conditions
  13. Władysław Łosiak, Joanna Siedlecka :
    Recognition of facial expressions of emotions in schizophrenia