B No 1 / 2013
  1. Kamilla Bargiel-Matusiewicz, Aleksandra Kroemeke, Katarzyna Polańska :
    The relationship between neuroticism, coping styles and emotions in women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome: A moderated mediation analysis
  2. Mariola Bidzan, Łucja Bieleninik, Malgorzata Lipowska:
    The development of speech in early childhood in children from twin pregnancies with twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
  3. Rafał Kawa, Ewa Pisula :
    Exploratory behaviour and adaptation to novelty in preschool children with autism – a preliminary report
  4. Emilia Łojek, Anna Bolewska :
    The effectiveness of computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation in brain-damaged patients
  5. Joanna Kowalska, Justyna Winnicka :
    Attitudes of undergraduate students towards persons with disabilities; the role of the need for social approval
  6. Kaivo Thomson, Anthony Watt:
    Investigating cognitive style differences in the perception of biological motion associated with visuospatial processing
  7. Alina Kolańczyk, Marta Reszko, Paweł Mordasiewicz:
    Attentional Control and Retrieval Induced Forgetting Self-regulation Perspective
  8. Józef Maciuszek:
    Don’t pay attention to what you see! Negative commands and attention bias
  9. Malwina Szpitalak, Romuald Polczyk:
    Promoting eyewitness testimony quality: Warning vs. reinforced self-affirmation as methods of reduction of the misinformation effect
  10. Sonja Tatalović Vorkapić, Meri Tadinac, Ivana Lučev:
    Electrocortical Correlates of Temperament
  11. Daisuke Nakamura :
    Methodological considerations in studying awareness during learning: Part 1: Implicit learning
  12. Beata Mirucka:
    Exploring the relationship between the body self and personality defence mechanisms in women with bulimia nervosa