B No 4 / 2012
  1. Bańka, Augustyn / Orłowski, Karol :
    The structure of the teacher Machiavellianism model in social interactions in a school environment
  2. Popiołek, Katarzyna / Wójcik, Małgorzata :
    Psychologically based, anti-prejudice educational intervention – project.
  3. Balawajder, Krystyna :
    Styles of behaviour in interpersonal conflict concept and research tool (Conflict behaviour questionnaire).
  4. Wojtyna, Ewa / Popiołek, Katarzyna :
    Character of the relationship with Alzheimer patient and the psychological costs of care.
  5. Brytek-Matera, Anna :
    The relationship between body image disturbance and coping with stress in patients suffering from anorexia nervosa
  6. Życińska, Jolanta / Januszek, Maciej / Jurczyk, Maria / Syska-Sumińska, Joanna :
    How to measure motivation to change risk behaviours in the self-determination perspective? The Polish adaptation of the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire (TSRQ) among patients with chronic diseases
  7. Paulewicz, Borysław / Blaut, Agata / Kłosowska, Joanna :
    Cognitive effects of attentional training depend on attentional control
  8. Życińska, Jolanta / Kuciej, Alicja / Syska-Sumińska, Joanna :
    The relationship between general and specific self-efficacy during the decision-making process considering treatment
  9. Pietkiewicz, Igor :
    Burial rituals and cultural changes in the polish community – a qualitative study
  10. Stocki, Ryszard / Bielecki, Andrzej :
    Cognitive aspects of participation: Evidence from two studies
  11. Szałek, Piotr :
    The notion of transcendence and psychoanalysis in Karl Stern’s works
  12. Studenski, Ryszard :
    Risk propensity, absent-mindedness and depression versus involvement in accidents
  13. Doliński, Dariusz :