B No 1 / 2016
  1. Aleksandra Gruszka, Jarosław Orzechowski:
    Meta-analysis of the research impact of Baddeley’s multicomponent working memory model and Cowan’s embedded-processes model of working memory: A bibliometric mapping approach
  2. Jarosław Orzechowski, Edward Nęcka, Robert Balas:
    Task conditions and short-term memory search: two-phase model of STM search
  3. Edward Nęcka, Agata Lulewicz:
    Capacity, Control, or Both – Which Aspects of Working Memory Contribute to Children’s General Fluid Intelligence?
  4. Alina Kolańczyk:
    When Affect Supports Cognitive Control – A Working Memory Perspective
  5. Rafal Szewczyk:
    The effectiveness of working memory training – points to consider for future research
  6. Konrad Kulikowski, Katarzyna Potasz-Kulikowska:
    Can we measure working memory via the Internet? The reliability and factorial validity of an online n-back task
  7. Patrycja Maciaszek:
    Is working memory working against suggestion susceptibility? Results from extended version of DRM paradigm
  8. Bartłomiej Kroczek, Michał Ociepka, Adam Chuderski:
    No Spearman’s Law of Diminishing Returns for the working memory and intelligence relationship
  9. Anna Orylska, Aneta Brzezicka, Ewa Racicka-Pawlukiewicz, Rafał Albinski, Grzegorz Sedek:
    Parent-Teacher Concordance in Rating Preschooler Difficulties in Behavioural and Cognitive Functioning and Their Dyadic Predicting of Fluid Intelligence
  10. Marta Białecka-Pikul, Magdalena Kosno, Karolina Byczewska-Konieczny:
    Where was it? Working memory as a predictor of passive vocabulary development in the third year of life
  11. Grzegorz Sedek, Izabela Krejtz, Klara Rydzewska, Radoslaw Kaczan, Piotr Rycielski:
    Three functional aspects of working memory as strong predictors of early school achievements: The review and illustrative evidence
  12. Agnieszka Młyniec, Hanna Bednarek:
    Field Dependence, Efficiency of Information Processing in Working Memory and Susceptibility to Orientation Illusions among Architects
  13. Aleksandra Gruszka, Daniel Bor, Roger R. Barker, Edward Nęcka, Adrian M. Owen:
    The role of executive processes in working memory deficits in Parkinson’s Disease
  14. Sylwia Kot, Wojciech Kulesza:
    The Chameleon as a Leech: The Costs of Mimicry for the Mimickee
  15. András Láng:
    Perceived childhood emotional parentification is associated with Machiavellianism in men but not in women
  16. Łukasz Roland Miciuk, Tomasz Jankowski, Agnieszka Laskowska, Piotr Oleś:
    Positive Orientation and the Five-Factor Model
  17. Beata Mirucka:
    The meaning of the body schema in reaching maturity during late adolescence
  18. Alan Mandal:
    Size and type of places, geographical region, satisfaction with life, age, sex and place attachment