B No 4 / 2015
  1. Agnieszka Czerw, Damian Grabowski :
    Work Attitudes and Work Ethic as Predictors of Work Engagement among Polish Employees
  2. Dariusz Kuncewicz, Yu Niiya, Jennifer Crocker :
    Are Compassionate and Self-Image Goals Comparable across Cultures?
  3. Jaroslaw Piotrowski, Bogdan Wojciszke :
    Agentic Thinking About Others Makes Them Closer
  4. Andrzej Dakowicz :
    Specificity of psychon structure forming the personality of transgressive and protective spouses
  5. Monika Dominiak-Kochanek, Karolina Konopka, Mary Bower-Russa, Adam Frączek :
    Harsh discipline and readiness for interpersonal aggression in Poland and the USA: the mediating role of sensitivity to provocations and frustrations
  6. Bernadetta Izydorczyk :
    Psychological and socio-cultural risk factors for developing negative attitude and anti-health behaviour toward the body in young women
  7. Michał Jaśkiewicz :
    Place attachment, place identity and aesthetic appraisal of urban landscape
  8. Krystyna Adamska, Paweł Jurek, Joanna Różycka-Tran :
    The Mediational Role of Relational Psychological Contract in Belief in a Zero-Sum Game and Work Input Attitude Dependency
  9. Justyna Ziółkowska, Dariusz Galasiński, Natalia Bajkowska :
    Continuing bonds from a discourse analytic perspective
  10. Jowita Wycisk :
    The Minority Stress of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Parents. Specificity of Polish Context
  11. Olusegun Emmanuel Afolabi :
    Clinical Significance of Therapeutic Approach to Treatment Planning
  12. Katarzyna Adamczyk, Koen Luyckx :
    An Investigation of the Linkage between Relationship Status (Single vs. Partnered), Identity Dimensions and Self-construals in a Sample of Polish Young Adults
  13. Andrzej Sękowski, Beata Łubianka :
    Psychological perspectives on gifted education – selected problems
  14. Piotr Styrkowiec, Dominika Kras :
    Forest before illusory trees: illusory contours of local level elements do not influence perceptual global advantage in the hierarchical structure processing
  15. Dariusz Doliński :