B No 3 / 2015

SPECIAL ISSUE: Individual and social consequences of emotional functioning, Issue Author(s): Issue Editors: Tomasz Maruszewski, Aleksandra Jasielska, Dorota Szczygie

  1. Tomasz Maruszewski, Aleksandra Jasielska, Dorota Szczygieł :
    Emotions as individual and social phenomena: Seeking new answers to old questions
  2. Łukasz Baka :
    How do negative emotions regulate the effects of workplace aggression on counterproductive work behaviours?
  3. Dorota Szczygieł, Tomasz Maruszewski :
    Why expressive suppression does not pay? Cognitive costs of negative emotion suppression: The mediating role of subjective tense-arousal
  4. Agata Wytykowska, Anna Gabińska :
    The effect of emotions, promotion vs. prevention focus, and feedback on cognitive engagement
  5. Dorota Kalka, Monika Pawłowska :
    Health enhancing coping as a mediator in relationships of positive emotionality and cognitive curiosity with quality of life among type 2 diabetes patients
  6. Mariusz Zięba, Mateusz Zatorski, Marta Boczkowska, Jolanta Gozdowska, Rafał Kieszek, Wojciech Laskowski :
    The affective tone of narration and posttraumatic growth in organ transplant recipients
  7. Aleksandra Jasielska :
    The psycholinguistic world of “zdziwienie” - “astonishment” and “zaskoczenie” - “surprise”
  8. Dominika Górska :
    Mentalization, specific attachment, and relational satisfaction from the intrapsychic and interpersonal perspectives
  9. Kinga Grzywacz :
    Dream emotionality. Selected formal properties of dreams
  10. Monika Wróbel, Klara Królewiak :
    Is your mood more contagious if you are likeable? The role of liking in the social induction of affect
  11. Małgorzata Stępień-Nycz, Irmina Rostek, Karolina Byczewska-Konieczny, Magdalena Kosno, Marta Białecka-Pikul, Arkadiusz Białek :
    Emotional and attentional predictors of self-regulation in early childhood
  12. Romana Kadzikowska-Wrzosek :
    Autonomous vs. heteronomous mode of action control and task performance: The role of the situational context and action vs. state orientation
  13. Dorota Szczygieł, Aleksandra Jasielska, Agata Wytykowska :
    Psychometric properties of the Polish version of the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire-Short Form


  1. Naser Aghababaei, Agata Błachnio, Mona Arji, Masoud Chiniforoushan, Somayeh Mohammadtabar :
    The relations among well-being outcomes, religiosity, and personality
  2. Agata Debowska, Michelle L.A. Mattison, Daniel Boduszek :
    Gender differences in the correlates of reactive aggression
  3. Katarzyna Byrka, Katarzyna Kaminska :
    Can recycling compensate for speeding on highways? Similarity and difficulty of behaviors as key characteristics of green compensatory beliefs
  4. Edward Nęcka :
    Self-Control Scale AS-36: Construction and validation study
  5. Evangelos Bebetsos, Dimitrios Goulimaris :
    Examination of “Pre-competition” anxiety levels, of mid-distance runners: A quantitative approach