B No 1 / 2015

SPECIAL ISSUE: Man in challenging circumstances, Editor: Katarzyna Popiołek

  1. Katarzyna Popiołek :
    Man in challenging circumstances
  2. Małgorzata Wójcik, Beata Kozak :
    Bullying and exclusion from dominant peer group in Polish middle schools.
  3. Igor Pietkiewicz, Małgorzata Wójcik, Katarzyna Popiołek, Augustyn Bańka :
    Resources and adaptation following involuntary resettlement in the Bytom-Karb community
  4. Anna Hełka, Maria Amin, Alicja Fober, Justyna Jonak, Sabina Krzemińska, Katarzyna Neska :
    Does experiencing poverty and lower economic status make us less pro-ecological?
  5. Augustyn Bańka, Aleksander Hauziński :
    Decisional procrastination of school-to-work transition: Personality correlates of career indecision
  6. Zofia Dołęga :
    Family cohesion and the loneliness of adolescents from temporarily disconnected families due to economic migration
  7. Danuta Rode, Magdalena Rode, Maciej Januszek :
    Psychosocial characteristics of men and women as perpetrators of domestic violence
  8. Bogdan Lach :
    Contestable motives of reporting sexual assault based on research conducted in the region of Silesia
  9. Agnieszka Wilczyńska, Maciej Januszek, Kamilla Bargiel-Matusiewicz :
    The Need of Belonging and Sense of Belonging versus Effectiveness of Coping
  10. Irena Dzwonkowska, Alicja Żak-Łykus :
    Self-compassion and social functioning of people – research review
  11. Jolanta Życińska :
    Social-cognitive variables as predictors of intention to undergo breast reconstruction
  12. Ewa Wojtyna, Łukasz Palt, Katarzyna Popiołek :
    From Polyanna syndrome to Eeyore’s Corner? Hope and pain in patients with chronic low back pain
  13. Anna Brytek-Matera, Anna Kozieł :
    The body self-awareness among women practicing fitness: a preliminary study
  14. Piotr Szałek :
    Phenomenological and Psychodynamic Understanding of Schizophrenia (Silvano Arieti, Eugène Minkowski)
  15. Borysław Paulewicz, Agata Blaut, Aleksandra Gronostaj :
    Memory bias training by means of the emotional short-term memory task
  16. Remigiusz Szczepanowski, Jakub Traczyk, Zhao Fan, Lewis O. Harvey :
    Preferential access to emotion under attentional blink: evidence for threshold phenomenon
  17. Kamila Wojdyło :
    „Workaholism“ does not always mean workaholism...? - about the controversial nomenclature in the research on work addiction
  18. Adam Grabowski, Philip Broemer :
    I am so glad that we parted! Am I? On attitude representation, counterfactual thinking, and experienced regret
  19. Dominika Zajusz-Gawędzka, Magdalena Marszał-Wiśniewska :
    Context-dependent effect of mood: the regulatory role of personality
  20. Joanna Sweklej, Robert Balas, Grzegorz Pochwatko, Małgorzata Godlewska :
    Automatic effects of processing fluency in semantic coherence judgments and the role of transient and tonic affective states
  21. Michał Grycz :