B No 4 / 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: Agency and communion in social cognition and behavior
Issue Editors: Aleksandra Szymkow, Dorota Kalka

  1. Aleksandra Szymkow, Dorota Kalka :
    Special Issue of Polish Psychological Bulletin on “Agency and communion in social cognition and behavior”
  2. Andrea E. Abele, Susanne Bruckmüller, Bogdan Wojciszke :
    You are so kind – and I am kind and smart: Actor – Observer Differences in the Interpretation of On-going Behavior
  3. Wiesław Baryła :
    Liking goes from the perceiver’s self-interest, but respect is socially shared
  4. Konrad Bocian, Bogdan Wojciszke :
    Unawareness of Self-interest Bias in Moral Judgments of Others’ Behavior
  5. Marta Roczniewska, Alina Kolańczyk :
    Competence over Communion: Implicit Evaluations of Personality Traits During Goal Pursuit
  6. Aleksandra Cisłak :
    Impact of Conflict Resolution Strategies on Perception of Agency, Communion and Power Roles Evaluation
  7. Aleksandra Szymkow :
    Whether you are smart or kind depends on how I feel: The influence of positive and negative mood on agency and communion perception
  8. Dorota Kalka :
    Gender and agency versus communion at the threshold of adulthood
  9. Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak, Róża Bazińska, Aleksandra Niemyjska :
    The mystery of communion in narcissism: The success-as-a-flaw effect
  10. Anna Z. Czarna, Anna Czerniak, Andrzej Szmajke :
    Does Communal Context Bring the Worst in Narcissists?
  11. Bogdan Wojciszke, Olga Bialobrzeska :
    Agency versus Communion as Predictors of Self-esteem: Searching for the Role of Culture and Self-construal
  12. Joanna Piskorz, Marcin Czub :
    Distraction of attention with the use of virtual reality. Influence of the level of game complexity on the level of experienced pain
  13. Małgorzata A. Styśko-Kunkowska, Katarzyna Żbikowska :
    Influence of involvement and motivation to correction on product evaluation: Asymmetry for strong and weak brands
  14. Adam Putko, Agata Złotogórska :
    Predictions of Actions and Their Justifications in False-Belief Tasks: The Role of Executive Function
  15. Krystyna Skarżyńska, Piotr Radkiewicz :
    Adult attachment styles and negativistic beliefs about the social world: The role of self-image and other-image
  16. Maciej Wilski, Julia Anastazja Sienkiewicz Wilowska :
    Social support as a regulator of self-care attitude in persons with myocardial infarction