B No 3 / 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: The interplay between motivation and cognition: New ideas. The preparation of the Special Issue was supported by a grant DEC 2011/02A/HS6/00155 from the National Science Center awarded to Małgorzata Kossowska.

  1. Małgorzata Kossowska, Katarzyna Jaśko, Hanna Brycz :
    The interplay between motivation and cognition: New ideas
  2. Arie W. Kruglanski, Marina Chernikova, Noa Schori-Eyal :
    From Readiness to Action: How Motivation Works
  3. Małgorzata Kossowska, Marcin Bukowski, Gabriela Czarnek :
    Two routes to closure: Time pressure and goal activation effects on executive control
  4. Norbert Maliszewski, Anna O. Kuźmińska, Grażyna Wieczorkowska-Wierzbińska, Anna Werner-Maliszewska :
    The impact of explicit and implicit power motivation on educational choices
  5. Janina Pietrzak, Łukasz Jochemczyk, Piotr Serbin, Magdalena Kuśka :
    The influence of need for closure on expectations about and outcomes of negotiations
  6. Agnieszka Pietraszkiewicz, Bogdan Wojciszke :
    Striving for Consistency Shapes Emotional Responses to Other’s Outcomes
  7. Hanna Brycz, Magdalena Wyszomirska-Góra, Yoram Bar-Tal, Piotr Wiśniewski :
    The effect of metacognitive self on confirmation bias revealed in relation to community and competence
  8. Marcin Bukowski, Piotr Dragon, Małgorzata Kossowska :
    The impact of incidental fear and anger on in- and outgroup attitudes
  9. Piotr Sorokowski, Andrzej Szmajke, Takeshi Hamamura, Feng Jiang, Agnieszka Sorokowska :
    “Red wins”, “black wins” and “blue loses” effects are in the eye of beholder, but they are culturally universal: A cross-cultural analysis of the influence of outfit colours on sports performance.
  10. Grażyna Katra :
    Formation of homosexual orientation of men in adolescence
  11. Paweł Krukow :
    Cognitive dysfunctions associated with white matter damage due to cardiovascular burden – determinants and interpretations
  12. Dariusz P. Skowroński, Atifa Bte Othman, Daniel Tan Wen Siang, Gabriel Lum Wei Han, Jeremy Wong Jia Yang, Katarzyna Waszyńska :
    The Outline of Selected Marital Satisfaction Factors in the Intercultural Couples based on the Westerner and non-Westerner relationships
  13. Nina Ogińska-Bulik :
    The role of temperament in posttraumatic growth following death of a loved one
  14. Marek Nieznański :
    The role of reinstating generation operations in recognition memory and reality monitoring
  15. Malgorzata Niesiobedzka :
    Typology of taxpayers and tax policy
  16. Blandyna Żurawska vel Grajewska :
    The Effectiveness of Cue Relevance and Saliency in the Context-Specific Proportion Congruent Effect