B No 2 / 2014
  1. Marlena Kossakowska:
    Positive Psychology in Poland – Introduction
  2. Małgorzata Wójtowicz-Dacka:
    The birth of the first child as a positive event in the lives of young parents
  3. Alina Kałużna-Wielobób:
    Do individual wisdom concepts depend on value?
  4. Katarzyna Martowska:
    Temperamental Determinants of Social Competencies
  5. Anna Maria Zawadzka, Anna Szabowska-Walaszczyk :
    Does self-improvement explain well-being in life and at workplace? Analysis based on selected measures of well-being
  6. Ewa Witkowska :
    Secular score gains on Raven’s Progressive Matrices in a population of Polish adolescents
  7. Ewa Trzebińska, Anna Gabińska :
    Features of Emotional Experiences in Individuals with Personality Disorders
  8. Adam Grabowski, Philip Broemer :
    You never compare alone: How social consensus and comparative context affect self-evaluation
  9. Steven C. Hertler :
    The Continuum of Conscientiousness: The Antagonistic Interests among Obsessive and Antisocial Personalities
  10. Marek Kowalczyk :
    Processing of Words Related to the Demands of a Previously Solved Problem
  11. Daniel Boduszek, Catherine O’Shea, Katie Dhingra, Philip Hyland :
    Latent Class Analysis of Criminal Social Identity in a Prison Sample
  12. Łukasz D. Kaczmarek, Błażej Bączkowski, Jolanta Enko, Barbara Baran, Peter Theuns :
    Subjective well-being as a mediator for curiosity and depression
  13. Aneta Kwaśniewska, Kevin Thomas, Roger Baker :
    Are there cross-cultural differences in emotional processing and social problem-solving?
  14. Diana Malinowska, Aleksandra Tokarz :
    The Structure of Workaholism and Types of Workaholic
  15. Marcin Moroń :
    Emotion understanding, interpersonal competencies and loneliness among students
  16. Aleksandra Kroemeke, Zuzanna Kwissa-Gajewska :
    The role of temperament in the changes of coping in Type 2 diabetes: direct and indirect relationships
  17. Kamila Wojdylo, Miguel Kazén, Julius Kuhl, Olga Mitina :
    Individual Differences in Coping with Mortality Salience in Germany vs. Poland: Cultural World View or Personal View Defense?